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Vilamoura is more than a town, it should be regarded as an area as it has developed considerably to encompass the eastern part of Quarteira for over several decades.  Vilamoura is easily accessible as it is located close to the middle of the Algarve coast which is just under 15km to the main airport which is in Faro. Due to its easy accessibility, it has become one of Europe’s most popular beach resort. The 20 square Km resort houses every kind of sport and entertainment options known to man. The roads leading to Vilamoura are very smooth, the gardens are well tended to and it houses 6 wonderful golf courses.  Vilamoura makes an outstanding holiday destination as it houses a lot of amazing features.

The town is built around the Vilamoura marina which is where different types of boats are catered to. The harbourside which is situated in the marina houses lots of bars, restaurants, and hotels. The prices in the marina are higher than they are inland which is to be expected.

The Vilamoura golf course is a wonderful tourist attraction. The Vilamoura possesses world class golf courses such as the Millennium, Laguna, Pinhal, and Victoria. Several site seeing and excursions can occur such as boat trips, opportunities to watch dolphins, fishing trips and water sporting activities which include jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing.



Kadoc, which is the most popular nightclub in Portugal is located in Vilamoura. This club features popular European DJs regularly and has the capacity of over 6,000 clubbers. The other nightlife activities in Vilamoura include the marina bars and cafe, most especially the Luis Figo cafe site owned by Luis Figo, a Portuguese footballer.

Vilamoura has several good beaches. The Praia de marina which is referred to as the marina beach is easily accessible to all. It possesses a lot of topnotch facilities that make it worthy of a blue flag award. The marina beach is situated to the east of the marina and there are several luxurious hotels behind the beach as expected. On the western side of the marina, there is the Praia de Falesia which is referred to as cliff beach. The beach got its name from the Red cliffs that help to back the beach up.  The Falesia possesses wonderful amenities that are expected from a blue flag beach.

Vilamoura is translated to mean Moorish Town but despite the meaning of the name, the area has little to no history, as it has existed for only over 20years. There have been archeological artifacts such as baths, mosaic, villa foundations that have been unearthed during the marina construction. These artifacts show Visigoth and Moorish traces.


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