Turning Portuguese, I think we’re turning Portuguese, I really think so.

So you are going off to Portugal on that much deserved break, but haven’t looked at that phrase book, and the app you downloaded is sitting in the back of your phone unused since download day. Well all is not a loss, here we start a little series of blogs to help you with the smaller phrases. You can even save them as photos on your phone and have them as little memory cards.

To get you started, here are some Food and Drink related Portuguese phrases.

Food and Drink 

How to order a beer in Portugal

How to say ‘Glass of Beer’ in Portuguese

Here’s some info on the best Portuguese Beers…. PORTUGUESE BEERS

How to say Glass of Wine in Portuguese

How to say ‘Glass of Wine’ in Portuguese


Here’s a great resource on Portuguese Wine… PORTUGUESE WINE

Can I see the menu in Portuguese

Can I see the Menu? In Portuguese.

Tripadvisor guides you through the top restaurants in Villamoura here 


How to order the bill in Portugal

How to order the bill in Portugal

The Guardian have a lovely article on Portuguese cuisine here.

Here’s another language resource if you want to delve further into learning food and drink phrases in Portuguese. LEARN FOOD AND DRINK PHRASES



Out and about in the day time. 

Private Villas good day Portuguese

How to say ‘Good Day’ in Portuguese

Want to see how to do what we Irish do best? Here’s words to describe the weather in Portugal… PORTUGUESE WEATHER PHRASES


Private Villas good morning Portuguese

How to say ‘Good Morning’ in Portuguese


Private Villas how to get to the beach Portuguese

Asking ‘How do I get to the beach?’ in Portuguese


Have a look at some family holiday activities and beaches HERE


And last but not least . the niceties… Please and Thank you…

Private Villas please Portuguese copy

How to say ‘Please’ in Portuguese

Private Villas Thank You Portuguese

How to say ‘Thank You’ in Portuguese

We found this nice resource on Portuguese customs for you to enjoy… HERE


Well that’s all for this month in our language blog. Please comment below and let us know if you found it helpful.  Until then… Até breve!